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I absolutely love it! Not only is it vegan, organic, and zero waste, but it does the job it's supposed to do! I currently live in Calgary, AB where the humidity is non-existent and I end up having dryer skin that makes me itch like crazy! I am happy to say that this bar is crushing it! No itching and feeling really moisturized! Highly recommend!

Maggie B


My experience with the Hart Bar has been nothing but amazing. I don't use lotions or creams often, because it's hard to find ingredients that are vegan, safe for me and the environment, and mild in terms of fragrance. The Hart Bar is a 10/10 on all those fronts, and I can feel good about purchasing because it's zero waste. It feel great on the skin, is so convenient and easy to use, and it will last a lot longer than most creams and lotions. Plus, Jenn is super friendly!



I absolutely love the Nova Bar! I love that it's so versatile and easy to carry in the tin. I use it on my face, lips, arms and legs. I have one next to bathtub, my bed and in my purse. It is not greasy so does not come off on your clothes and feels so smooth on your skin. And it's zero waste! I LOVE IT!



I’ve never had a moisturizer I’ve ever liked and I never forget to put this on at night so I constantly practice self love.

Rachel W